Arthroscopic Hip Preservation

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Dr. David Crawford, MD: Athroscopic His Preservation

Dr. David Crawford is just one of a few surgeons in Central Ohio who offer arthroscopic hip preservation surgery, a minimally invasive treatment done to labral tears and correct abnormalities in the shape of the hips. This procedure is typically done for a condition called femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). It is one of a class of procedures that have been gaining ground in recent years, not only because they are effective, but also because of the range of other benefits they offer to patients.

Like other minimally invasive procedures, arthroscopic hip preservation requires just two or three small incisions. It uses an arthroscope, hence the name, an instrument that is used to examine and treat the inside of the hip. The arthroscope is equipped with a camera that allows surgeons like Dr. David Crawford to see inside the hip, as well as perform the operation safely.

There are many benefits arthroscopic hip preservation. These include:

  1. Outpatient Surgery. Because of the minimally invasive nature, nearly all patients can go home the day of surgery.
  2. Pain relief. After completion of rehabilitation, most patients can expect a significant reduction in pain.
  3. Avoiding joint replacement surgery. In patients without arthritis, hip preservation surgery can provide pain relief and restoration of function without the need for joint replacement.
  4. Return to sports. Many patients are able to return to sports after joint preservation surgery. Dr. David Crawford treated hundreds of active duty service members with hip preservation surgery during his time in the military.

Arthroscopic hip preservation is a specialized treatment that not many doctors are trained to do. Make sure to ask an expert about it.