Dr. David Crawford: Osteoarthritis Treatment

Dr. David Crawford: Osteoarthritis Treatment

Columbus, OH | Joint Plant Surgeons | Osteoarthritis Treatment

Dr. David Crawford, MD, Columbus, OH: Osteoarthritis Treatment

As one of Ohio’s leading orthopedic surgeons, Dr. David Crawford is well-versed in some of the most revolutionary treatments for orthopedics. He offers biologic injections, also known as regenerative medicine, which involves the use of special injections to reverse the damage caused by osteoarthritis.

Body parts wear out, either because of injury or time. Osteoarthritis is more the latter—it occurs when the cartilage, the soft but firm tissue that acts as a cushion between the joints, becomes damaged. This causes the bones in the joints to grind against each other, leading to pain. Like many degenerative diseases, osteoarthritis becomes more common the older a person gets.

Non-biologic treatments for osteoarthritis usually involve the use of corticosteroids and gel injections. These, however, manage only the condition’s symptoms and do not reverse its effects at all. Regenerative medicine aims slow down, if not to downright stop the progress of the disease and reverse its effects. This would mean that patients won’t have to go through joint replacement surgery.

Dr. David Crawford offers stem cell injections in his clinic. Stem cells are cells that can divide and change into any of the specialized cells in the body. They are injected into the joint, where they are known to reduce pain, swelling, and loss of movement. In some cases, stem cell treatment can help repair damage to bones, cartilage, and ligaments in the joint. The treatment uses adult stem cells.

Another type of biologic injection uses platelet-rich plasma. Platelets are tiny blood cells that help in healing wounds. They are obtained from the patient’s blood and are injected into the joint. This treatment helps reduce inflammation and pain, while promoting cell growth and tissue repair and improving blood flow.

Biologic treatments are already changing the lives of many patients. With further improvements on the way, it may soon become the go-to treatment for osteoarthritis and other degenerative disorders.

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